In response to the growing Xen'Chi threat, and the inevitable full-scale counterstrike made by Cadden Blackthorne's Mandalorian Protectors, Mandalore initiated the order to both MandalMotors and Muir Corporation to collaboratively build a formidable attack force, capable of defeating the Xen'Chi front line forces.

Cadden placed a rather large order of Crusader-class Corvettes and various Mandalorian starfighters as the basis of this fleet, not realizing at the time how crucial this move would later prove. To give the bulk a powerful punch, he also requested a handful of Atiniir-class Dungeon Ships, Mandalorian Dreadnaughts, and Meteor-class Q-Carriers to be produced alongside the more numerous, and weaker, smaller vessels. The fleet, while still growing in numbers, has proven to be powerful asset to the Mandalorians.

Recently the fleet saw a bolster in its strength after the Xen'Chi War. The current Mandalore had seen firsthand how fleets would make or break the Mandalorian might. The Protectors' ground forces were elite but their space forces lacked the heavier punch other navies had in the form of powerful capital ships. While the Dreadnaughts and Dungeon ships were providing a sound support role the fleet needed to have capital ships able to go toe to toe with Imperial Star Destroyer level warships. Thus the Keldabe and Aggressor variants were introduced to the fleet.

Ship RosterEdit

  • Mandalorian Dreadnaught Atin
  • Mandalorian Dreadnaught Hettir
  • Mandalorian Dreadnaught Duraanir
  • Mandalorian Dreadnaught Shukur
  • Mandalorian Dreadnaught Hukaatir

Despite the fact that this is no Imperial war fleet, the Mandalorian First Assault Fleet is trained to handle the Xen'Chis threat, and will, like their alien enemies, fight to the bitter end. This fact along makes this fleet, while lacking a significant punch, a threat in its own right.

Losses in BattleEdit

  • Note that as ships were lost in battle over the course of the war more were produced to keep the fleet at fighting capability.
  • 5 Mandalorian Dreadnaughts
  • 2 Atiniir-class Dungeon Ships
  • 12 Crusader Corvettes
  • 19 Meteor Class-Q Carriers
  • Numerous Starfighter and Frieghter losses.

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