Shadow War

Mandalorian Incursions

18 ABY

Major battles:

Mandalorian Protectors

Independent Worlds


Garen Starfall

"If it is bloodshed we seek, then bloodshed we should find. If it is war, conquest, and the glory of battle, then we should pursue it. And as for the other political players surrounding our territories... history recorded the Mandalorian Wars of old with great detail, Mand’alor. Often times, history has a knack for repeating itself."
Ge'tal Senaar to Garen Starfall

The Mandalorian Incursions (also referred to as the War of Mandalorian Aggression and the Great Mandalorian Crusade) started as a series of local raids ordered by Mandalore Garen Starfall to satisfy the growing bloodlust by the Chieftains of the Mandalorian Clans. This tactic was ultimately deemed a failure, and Garen was forced to take a role in a position he cared little for. As the Incursions grew more intense, however, his feelings gradually faded from that of reluctance to embracing the direction he had chosen for his people.

Early battles included the invasion of Fenel and the Battle of Botajef and Battle of Indu-San.