Production Information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product Line

Star Destroyers


Venator Mark I

Technical Specifications
System Modifications
  • Expanded Hangar
  • Improved Hyperdrive Backup

1,137 meters



Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 8


4,042 SBD


1,920 RU

  • 8 Heavy Turbolaser Turrets
  • 2 Dual Turbolaser Cannons
  • 52 Point Defense Laser Cannons
  • 4 Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • 6 Tractor Beam Projectors

432 Starfighters




2,000 (infantry and support personnel)



Present for Battles/Events

Muir Corporation


MC Command Fleet

Known Commanders
Exodus Information


A modified Venator Mark I (so that another squadron can fit into the hangar bay), the Memnarch is the flagship of the Muir Corporation fleet. She is commanded by Commodore Auron Roken, a former Imperial Star Destroyer Captain. Roken is also in command of Muir Corporation's fleet.

Built by Kuat Drive Yards for Muir Corporation, the ship has seen heavy action since it was constructed. When Tej Muir picked the commanding officer for the Drake, the flagship before the Memnarch, he selected someone outside of his family and those he knew. He selected someone who had extensive knowledge of ships and naval warfare. He selected Adam Gallatin, a Duros. When it came time to select the commanding officer for the Memnarch, it was Gallatin who had the final pick. He journeyed through different cantinas and ports, looking at different candidates. He ended up at Club Nova at Crystal Shard Point, which was owned by the corporation. While he was there, he met Auron Roken, an Imperial Captain. Roken was tired of commanding his Star Destroyer, Supressor, and wanted something else. Gallatin had heard of Roken's skill and capabilities. He approached him with an offer. Not only would Roken be in command of the Memnarch, he would be in command of the entire Muir Corporation Fleet, as Gallatin was switching positions within the company.

Roken jumped at the offer. Here was a chance to truly show his abilities. After resigning his commission, he journeyed to Bothawui, where he was transferred to Ogriand. There, he met with Tej Muir, and Marshal Nickolas Fury who was incharge of the ground forces. His first battle with the Corporation was the Battle of Prole, where he acquitted himself well.

The ship was involved in the Muir-Eldari War and is now the flagship of the fleet. During its service with the Muir, it was reverse engineered, so the Muir were able to fully study its design and incorporate elements of it into other designs as well as produce more vessels in its line, if needed. After the Muir-Eldari War, the ship remained in orbit of Ogriand as part of the newly formed MC Command Fleet.

In 17 ABY the Memnarch, along with its commanding officer and Orayne Nix would head to Onderon to aid the Jedi Council in its trip to Nexus Station, at the request of Derek Muir. It was also in 17 ABY that work was completed on two new Venator Mark I's, bringing the Memnarch two sister ships. Shortly after the meeting at Nexus was completed, Auron and Orayne brought the ship back to Ogriand to gear up for a subsequent campaign that the Muir were undertaking.

Current Fighter ComplementsEdit

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