A memory clone is where the memories and experiences of a person, some how stored in an outside source, are transplanted into another person or a new body. There are many ways to do this, all have a level danger and have mixed results. Memory clone Technology isn't restricted to any one species or government and instances of versions of this technology can be found across the galaxy.

Memory clones made with a new body are often regarded as the closest thing to the original person, though there may be slight to mild changes in their personalities.

Implanting the memories into another person has the most extreme mixed results, from the memories not taking to complete mental brake down. The goal to implanting memories in another person is often to gain information from those memories or for the person getting those memories to mimic the person the memories came from. A successful implant would be when the memories properly aline, often "creating a new person", or in an extremely rare case the implanted memories completely take over.

Memory ClonesEdit