Minari Order
General Information

Kendra Sorl



Notable Members

New Holstice

Historical Information
Formed From

Branch of the Genoharadan

Founding Date



16 ABY

Other Information

Detori Order

Exodus Information


Founding Edit

The obscure Minari Order is believed to have descended from a branch of the Genoharadan. It is said to have been founded by a woman called Kendra Sorl, who believed that the Genoharadan were better suited at leading the Republic than the Senate. When the rest of the high-ranking Genoharadan disagreed, she broke away and founded the Minari Order. After her death, the Order slowly subverted to the Dark Side, and became a Dark Jedi order.

The Order became inactive in 16 ABY, when Yeurl and his apprentices left for an unknown destination.

Recent History Edit

During the Clone Wars, the Order supported the Seperatists as best they could. When the Seperatists lost, the Order began to support the Empire, and did so until the Battle of Endor. After Endor, the Order withdrew, reputedly at the behest of the new leader Yeurl.

Recently, Yeurl had a vision which told him to go to the old Twilight Praxeum. He did, and met the Dark Jedi Gauntlet and Lord Kamulos. Together, they revived the Detori Order. The new Triumvirate did not last long, and when it failed, Yeurl returned to the headquarters on New Holstice. He deactivated the Order and left, taking Tol Reban and Katya with him.

Prominent Members Edit

Masters Edit

Lord Yeurl

Knights Edit

Lord Tol Reban

Initiates Edit

Lady Katya

Former or Inactive Members Edit

Previous Threads Edit

The Detori: Rebirth

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