Mind Twist
Common Affiliation

Dark Side






Implanted Subconscious Commands

Known Variations
Exodus Information


"You may despise me and curse me, but it is my will that guides you now. From this moment forward, you are my slave."

Similar to the venerable Jedi Mind Trick but much more violent, the Mind Twist is meant to be a permanent altering of a target’s mind, and often, their free will. The Mind Twist works in much the same way as post-hypnotic suggestions, except that a Darksider forcibly implants their desired commands into the target’s mind. If successful, the only limits to a Mind Twist are the Darksider’s own imagination. Because it requires a familiarity with the workings of the mind, the Mind Twist can usually only be performed by a master of the mental realm.

Unlike the similar Sith Magic spell, Mind Control, the Mind Twist doesn't require any use of the Force beyond the implanting of the commands; freeing the Darksider to concentrate his power on other matters if necessary.

A successful Mind Twist means that the unlucky recipient’s own subconscious will work against them, forcing them to be an extension of the Darksider’s will. Many a sadistic Darksider will even allow their target to know that they have been a victim of a Mind Twist, just to savor the futile struggles of the target against the deeply implanted commands.

Mind Twists, however, are not absolute. Individuals with exceptionally strong wills can sometimes break the Mind Twist as can other Forcers who specialize in mental powers. Mind Twists are also known to cause insanity in victims who resist the Darksider’s efforts, but are ultimately overpowered by the Darksider’s ability. For the Mind Twist to be the most effective, it needs to be performed while the target is asleep, unconscious, or in rare cases, willing to have their mind altered.

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