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The Muir Corporation Mustered Soldiery or MCMS serves as the ground defense of the various planets and stations under the control of the Muir Corporation and the Muir Commonwealth. They are also present in any ground offensive campaign conducted by the Muir. The members of the MCMS are commonly broken into two branches, the Regulars and the SpecOps. Only recently, the SpecOps have been made a separate branch. As a rule, all able bodied men and women are required to perform two years of service in the MCMS, as long as they pass the grueling physical and psychological tests. This compulsory service usually takes place during the person's early twenties.



When Tej Muir set up the Muir Corporation, he intended for the Corporation to do business in a wide variety of sectors and industries. One of these would be mercenary work. In addition, he would need soldiers to help in other parts of the business. So, he created what was then called the Muir Corporation Soldiery Division. This was put under the control of Nickolas Fury, who was an old friend of the House, and was a former Imperial SpecOps soldier and mercenary.

As time went on, the Muir took control of Myojin. Now that they had a system where there were colonists and people living there, they had the ability to conscript soldiers and accept more volunteers into their armed forces. This turned the organization into an actual army, and the name was changed from the Muir Corporation Soldiery Division to the Muir Corporation Mustered Soldiery. This name would be permanent.

When the Muir took over Ogriand and slowly assimiliated the sector, the duties of the MCMS changed from being a mercenary group that the Muir would use for jobs, to those of a much more government military based organization. Larger divisions were created, and ranks were increased, as before, they never needed to have an expanded rank system.

With the advent of Radion Labs, the MCMS slowly stopped using generic weapons and began to use homegrown designs or designs bought outright from other corporations.

Current TimesEdit

Currently, the MCMS was involved in the Battle of Arvis Prime. Recruitment is at an all time high, and the ground forces of the Muir have swelled with volunteers. There are training camps scattered throughout Muir territory and the MCMS is gearing up to expand its facilities and its offensive capabilities as it has been decided that Muir defenses are at their peak.




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