Niran Quinn
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32 BBY

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Niran Quinn (32 BBY), one of the few Jedi fortunate to have survived the Purge, he was only 13 at the time of the rise of the Galactic Empire. His master and he had been on a tour of the Outer Rim worlds settling minor trade disputes amoung worlds. At the time he'd never realised it but the assignment had been one designed to get his master out of the way.

When they received the message from the Jedi Academy warning them to stay away they went into hiding on the Outer Rim, journeying from world to world helping where they could and surviving on what little they were given or could buy with what little they were given.

13 years later Nirans master died. It was a quite death, the man was old and knew the time was coming because he spent his last moments instructing Niran and warning him about the Dark Side.

In the years leading up to, and following, the destruction of the Death Star II and the death of Emperor Palpatine, Niran continued the journey his master and he had been on and kept on travelling on the small Outer Rim worlds, away from the main events that eveloped much of the galaxy.

While travelling between worlds the liner he'd booked passage on was raided by pirates from the Brotherhood of the Twilight. Coming to the defence of the passengers he encountered and fought a battle he'd never fought before, against another force user. The one called Nietdaeth defeated the inexperienced Niran but rather than kill him he offered him a chance to join him. Niran, puzzled by the experience and desiring to learn more, accepted the offer and became one of the Brotherhood.

Whilst a member of the group he became close with one of the other initiates into the Brotherhood who he began to take under his wing until they both fell under the influence of sith spirits and the ensuing conflict resulted in the comatose state in which she now still lies. He's since become almost obsessive in his quest to become the best he can be to protect those around him from further such incidents.

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