Osiris Starfighter
Production Information

Killian Shipyards




Small Craft

Technical Specifications

3.6 meters

Maximum Acceleration

20 MGLT/s


117 MGLT

Atmospheric Speed

2,000 kph


114 DPF

Hyperdrive Rating



50 SBD


10 RU

  • 2 Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 1 Warhead Launcher

1 Pilot


Space Superiority

Year Introduced

13 ABY


Black Star Confederacy

Exodus Information


A space superiority fighter in the image of the TIE Fighter, the Osiris Starfighter was a failed attempt to replace the Tyr Heavy Space Fighter.

Designed to be a cheap replacement of the Tyr fighters, the Osiris suffered from numerous problems, and eventually the Confederacy decided to stay with the older model. The Osiris had excellent agility, and was equipped with powerful repulsors, having been clocked at over 2,300 kph in atmosphere. It was built to be as cheap as possible, with a titanium-ditanium alloy hull. The Osiris were built from components from manufacturers all over the Black Star Confederacy.

These fighters only had a sublight drive fitted and lacked primary life support and ejection systems. Like the TIE, the Osiris fighter was short-range, requiring a nearby base of operations from which to obtain fuel and guidance. Because of the minimalist design of this fighter, it had a high speed and very good maneuverability. This high maneuverability had been shown to be a problem for some Confederate pilots, as some tore the ship apart from too high stress on the hull when using advanced evasive maneuvers.

The Osiris was a quite clever design with its relatively small profile. This could make the fighter a hard target at times, even for an X-wing pilot with four fire-linked lasers. Also, because of its small size, most ships could carry 2 Osiris' for each normal fighter.

Unfortunately, it was prone to breaking apart in atmosphere due to shoddy workmanship. After the death of four test pilots this way, the Confederacy abandoned the fighter, and Killian Shipyards shelved it.

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