Pain Spike
Common Affiliation

Dark Side






Induced Pain through Mind Trick

Known Variations

Agony of the Furies



Exodus Information


Developed by the Darksider known as Sivter, the Pain Spike is induced in a target's brain, essentially tricking the body into believing that every nerve is simultaneously in agony. Depending on the subject's mental or physical resistance, this simple attack can be extremely debilitating. It is claimed by Sivter to be a more efficient form of the ancient Sith power known as Agony of the Furies.

Easy to perform but tough to master, the Pain Spike requires precision accuracy to be at its most effective. Therefore a user of this attack must ideally be very familiar with the ways of the mind before learning to use it.

People without any mental defenses can be knocked unconscious by the sheer blinding pain they feel. The more protected someone’s mind is, or the more adept they are at handling pain, the less effective the Pain Spike will be. However, even if it doesn't knock the target unconscious, the Pain Spike can still be very distracting and be applied to great effect as a diversion while the user attempts something else.

The duration of the Pain Spike can vary depending on how much effort the user wishes put into it. Torturing a victim through a Pain Spike is not unheard of, but generally it is best to use the Pain Spike randomly so the target never has a chance to adapt or know when to expect it.

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