Perilous-class Destroyer
Production Information

Muir Corporation




Capital Ship

Technical Specifications

500 meters

Maximum Acceleration
  • 5 MGLT/s (sections combined)
    • 2 MGLT/s (ring)
    • 10 MGLT/s (main hull)
  • 16 MGLT (sections combined)
    • 3 MGLT (ring)
    • 30 MGLT (main hull)
  • 4 DPF (sections combined)
    • 5 DPF (ring)
    • 18 DPF (main hull)
Hyperdrive Rating

Class 1

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 12

  • 1,800 SBD (sections combined)
    • 700 SBD (ring)
    • 1,250 SBD (main hull)
  • 400 RU (ring)
  • 450 RU (main hull)


  • 4 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
  • 5 Quad Laser Cannons
  • 30 Concussion Missile Launchers

Main Hull

  • 8 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
  • 5 Quad Laser Cannons
  • 6 Ion Cannons
  • 10 Infighting Rocket Launchers

24 Starfighters



Minimum Crew



2,100 (infantry and support personnel)

Cargo Capacity

5,000 Metric Tons


1 Month




Muir Corporation

Exodus Information


The Perilous-class Destroyer is a multipurpose destroyer. It consists of two sections, one of which is a regular, narrow cylinder hull, and the other of which is a large ring that is connected by three pylons, equidistantly spaced, to the main hull, which the ring encircles. The ring section is more massive than the main hull section.

The two sections can separate during battle. This allows the main hull section far greater performance than it could have with the burden of the ring section. In battle, the main hull will move in and engage the enemy, while the ring stays back and provides missile support from long range. Targeting systems on the Perilous are heavy-duty.

The ship carries two squadrons of fighters on external docking points. While this denies them many of the services of a true docking bay, there truly is no space in the design for such a bay.

This is the second incarnation of the Perilous, and is sometimes referred to as the mark II; the mark I suffered from poor targeting systems, inhumane troop quarters, and devastating materials problems. This version remedies all of those.


Ring SectionEdit

The ring section contains 30 concussion missile launchers, which go all the way around the ring. It also houses the quarters for the troops, the support vehicle / landing craft hangar, the cargo section (intended to be used for tanks, artillery, and other large objects related to ground warfare), and the hyperdrive, a class one unit.

This section holds a few auxiliary engines, but not many, and has its own reactor and sensors. The ring section is armed with four heavy turbolaser batteries and five quad laser turrets, so that it can defend itself if the enemy manages to close with it.

Main HullEdit

The main hull holds crew quarters, a reactor, sensors, and the main engines. It is armed with eight heavy turbolaser batteries, five quad laser turrets, six ion cannons, and 10 forward firing infighting rocket launchers.

The launchers fire heavy rockets which have been modified for close-in combat. Heavy rockets are slow-moving, so salvos of them can easily be avoided, or shot down by point defense. Close-in, though, the enemy may not have time to do either. The infighting rockets are heavy rockets with much of the fuel removed, which is unnecessary for close-in combat, but the lack of which makes these modified rockets useless at range, to allow for a significantly larger warhead. Since regular heavy rockets already have very powerful warheads, these rockets can do very large amounts of damage, if they can be brought to bear.

When the sections separate, the main hull extends three pairs of maneuvering wings, which normally could not extend without hitting the ring. These wings add to the performance of the hull section, which is necessary for using the heavy rockets successfully.

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