The Royal Naboo Navy ship Binx is the flagship of the small soveriegn fleet of the Royal Security Forces. Old and out of date, it is nonetheless kept in superb working condition by refits every three to four years. While it is not feared as much as it once was, it is still enough to keep all but the most determined of pirate gangs away from Naboo space and shipping.

It constitutes the majority of firepower of the Naboo fleet, but is rarely deployed by itself. In most cases, it is deployed as a hard-hitting hammer, supported by one or more squadrons of N-1 or N-2 Naboo Starfighters. Unlike the Gallo and the Narmel, the Binx is usually kept within the confines of the Naboo system, patrolling the trade lanes. But when the situation calls for it, the Binx is called in to be the tip of the spear.