The Rapier-class Defender is the analog fighter to the X-wing and the Empire's TIE fighter.

Armed with two laser cannons, two ion cannons, and two torpedo launchers, the Rapier Defender more than capable of defeating fighters, armed freighters, and sector patrol ships. This fighter is highly maneuverable, well shielded, and well armored. Unlike the X-wing, this fighter has no astromech droid socket. Instead the Rapier uses and onboard artificial intelligence unit designed in much the same way as an astromech. The A.I. unit is capable of performing in-flight repairs, start-up sequences, and more of the same procedures any vessel equipped with an actual astromech is capable of. It has its place in the arsenal of the Triad as being the first craft designed, built, and able to accomodate humans, Lakonians, and Ne'trian physiologies. In simulations, the Rapier has been able to keep pace with the TIE fighter and even maintain a considerable edge in maneuverability while facing down the Imperial TIE Interceptor. However, it should be noted, the abilities of this fighter are only at their deadliest when a skilled pilot is at the controls.