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Reng Kasr

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Rask is a fighting style that makes use of the body’s natural adrenaline and uses it to increase the speed and strength of one’s own body so that they may surpass conventional physical limitations. In order to use it properly, the body must be in peak condition or Rask will do as much damage to the user as it will to the target. The name of the style was developed by making an anagram of Kasr's last name.

Rask focuses almost entirely on strikes delivered by the upper body. The practitioner’s legs are instead reserved for running, jumping, and dodging. It is an exhausting style and not one to be used lightly. Most users of Rask call on it only in times of great need, using more conventional martial arts for the bulk of their fighting instead.

All of Oremin’s top operatives and most of Oremin’s soldiers are trained in some form of Rask. It is also standard training for the troops of the Laro Order to learn the basics of Rask.


There are three ranks in Rask, known as tiers, that roughly separate its users by the level of certain abilities. The system is simple

Opening TierEdit

The opening tier is for all newcomers to the style. In addition, those in the opening tier display basic abilities about how to call on their adrenaline to enhance their speed and reaction times.

Secondary TierEdit

The secondary tier focuses on strength. In addition to using Rask to improve one’s speed, the secondary tier also requires that practitioners are able to use it to boost their strength. Most users of Rask stay within the secondary tier.

Final TierEdit

The final tier is the most difficult to achieve and requires a complete dedication to the martial art. Practitioners in the final tier must be able to use Rask for a prolonged amount of time without showing any signs of weariness; no mean feat considering the strain it puts on an ordinary body.

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