Biographical Information


Date of Death

16 ABY

Physical Description





1.9 meters

Eye Color


Personal Information





Two single-bladed lightsabers

Darksider Information

Dark Jedi

Lightsaber Information
Lightsaber Types


Political Information
Former Affiliation

Anari Alliance

Current Affiliation
Exodus Information


Raze was once a dedicated member of the Jedi Order. While trying to settle a dispute on a backwater planet he was captured by a group of mercenaries who were collecting bounties on Jedi. He began to slip to the Dark Side when no one from the Order came to rescue him. It surprised even him how fast the Dark Side claimed him. He massacred the mercenaries and set out on an anti-Jedi crusade. Eventually he was recruited by Quinis Asanis, the leader of the Anari Alliance. Asanis placed him in charge of a group whose only mission was to locate the "City of the Jedi."

When Asanis died and the Anari Alliance fell, Raze set out on his own to locate the "City of the Jedi." On his travels he met a young and powerful Dark Jedi and took it upon himself to teach him all that he knew. The younger Dark Jedi aided Raze in hunting for the city. The two encountered a large group of Jedi Masters from the order that protected the city. They incapacitated Raze, and the younger Dark Jedi, in an awesome display of power, destroyed all of the masters by himself. Though, such power nearly destroyed him as well. His body was in ruin, literally falling apart. Through the Dark Side, Raze kept him alive and in one piece until he could get a group of scientists to build an incredibly sophisticated containment suit. The younger of the two, upon being "reborn," took the name Kamulos.

Raze had realized just how powerful Kamulos was and swore allegiance to him, in return Kamulos has said he owed Raze his life. The two were extremely loyal to one another, which is rare when dealing with the followers of the Dark Side.

During the Battle of Taylon Raze was killed by Sion.

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