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300 BBY

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  • Warrior
  • Mercenary
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Rebel Alliance

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Silent Fortune

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— Ror’tharr’s philosophy on society, the workings of the galaxy… and lunch

Ror’tharr was born approximately 300 years before the Battle of Yavin on the Wookiee Homeworld of Kashyyyk. He was an unusually large and resilient Wookiee even as a pup, and quickly grew up to be a strong, independent and honourable young warrior. In the many years living in his tree-top home, Ror’tharr had many sons and brought much honour to his tribe through brave acts such as defeating great prey or surviving in the planet’s lower ‘levels’.

Before the Clone War era, his people had many confrontations with the neighbour alien race, Trandoshans - Ror’tharr quickly picking up a severe disliking to them which holds strong to this very day. He would much rather tear their reptilian head off than exchange words.

Clone WarsEdit

Ror’tharr took part in both the skirmishes on Alaris Prime as well as the infamous (second) Battle of Kashyyyk against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Although he witnessed great losses of brothers and fellow Wookiees, he helped secure a victory for his species as well as the Republic. He also took part in the desperate defense of the planet against the Empire some years later.


Ror'tharr - Battle of Kashyyyk

Life After DeathEdit

During his peoples’ slavery by the Empire, Ror’tharr and a group of other Wookiees traversed to the planet’s surface; the Shadowlands to risk survival rather than be enslaved by the Empire. Although Ror’tharrs tales in the Shadowlands are particularly mysterious; what is known is he was the only one out of the group to survive. After years of living in the dangerous ‘netherworld’ Ror’tharr had adapted to the harsh environment and picked up many useful skills of survival – namely his savage rage which exceeded even the above average Wookiee’s temper tantrum. He amazingly appeared out from the Shadowlands just before his planet’s liberation.

Recent YearsEdit

Shortly thereafter he left Kashyyyk in search of fame and fortune (irony); traversing the galaxy as a hired mercenary; but only scraping a living despite his invaluable skills and combat prowess.

Ror’tharr is particularly skilled in the use of his bare hands, blades as well as his bowcaster. He is also known to use methods beyond even the unorthodox… perhaps learnt in years of surviving in the Shadowlands.

Current ThreadsEdit

Silent Fortune

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