Ryns Renegades
Ryn's Renegades
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Furious Angel

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c. 1 BBY

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Ryn's Renegades were a group of pirates (in the loosest of terms) operating out of the Marauder Corvette Furious Angel, since the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. The Renegades were led by the pirate captain Ryn.

The Renegades were loyal to Ryn, and aided the pirate captain on many of his missions to create a stable galaxy behind-the-scenes, more often than not aiding the fledgling Rebel Alliance, but once in a while taking on a job from the Empire. During their time, they grew to become a notorious group of individuals that was often the discussion on the higher ranks of all fronts. Yet they remained a ghost to the rest of the galaxy, particularly due to their low profile.



During the Civil War, Ryn played a major role by operating behind the scenes, leading his Renegades against mostly Imperial targets. Their actions helped the Alliance gain a secure footing for the staging of the Battle of Endor, upon which Ryn retired his services. The Renegades remained dedicated only to behind-the-scenes work, and participating in a huge battle was not part of how they operated.

It was because of this move that Ryn began to see problems with his old crew. Over the years, the crew grew disloyal to the ship's captain, and a mutiny was even attempted, upon which Ryn successfully subdued before it could spread throughout his entire ship. With the mutineers executed before the entire crew, Ryn once again gained full control over the ship, but with the expense of several key members missing. This caused the Feeorin captain to be forced into retirement from his profession, and Ryn stuck to small-time pirating work.

Returning to WorkEdit

Over the next couple of years, Ryn was able to fill the positions for most of his missing crew, save for vital component members such as the fighter pilots that made up most of the Renegades' missions. When the Xen'Chi and GAIT threats terrorized the galaxy, Ryn found himself attracting those that just happened to stumble upon his location, those interested in seeking him out, and old friends alike, and his roster began to fill once again. A newfound sense of loyalty was given to the Feeorin, and the Renegades began to fight their own war with the Xen'Chi, sometimes siding with other organizations to help repel the threat on an individual level.

Near the end of the war, the Renegades dropped out of the fight, due both to a lack of sufficient funds to keep moving forward and decreasing morale amongst the Furious Angel's crew. Ryn then decided to begin small-time operations again, and found the perfect target in stopping piracy raids in the Yushan System and surrounding areas.

Notable FightersEdit

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