Astrographical Information

Mid Rim


Jalyn Star Cluster



Physical Description






Points of Interest
  • Twilight Praxeum (ruins)
  • Resupply Base (abandoned)
Native Fauna
Societal Information


Former Affiliation
Exodus Information


Located in the Jalyn Star Cluster, Sabii was believed uninhabitable for centuries. Its atmosphere is breathable and, as La-Reia Beorht has demonstrated, its ecosystem can be survived for extended periods of time. Its dominant geologic feature is the volcano; moreover, it swarms with uniquely dangerous predators, including a deadly variety of honeybee and a large, Yuzzem-like but unintelligent simian. The star it orbits is red.

It is possible that Quinis Asanis and several of the Detori Order were scouting Sabii for a future training camp when they encountered Cazzik Wyn and company. Later, Asanis would move the Twilight Praxeum to Sabii: a sixty-man facility staffed by Detori, Anari Adepts and non-Forcers, employed to teach children and young adults in the Dark Side. The facility was composed of five domes, surrounded by sand. Three small ones served as caste quarters; enclosed catwalks connected them to a fourth, the man training ground. The fifth was a hangar, distinguished from the others by having not been made with Detori alchemy.

Sith Empire forces under Iara Beorht captured and gutted the facility during the invasion of the Anari Alliance. Later, it was refurbished by Lyn-Char Beorht and the second Detori order.

The base was destroyed by orbital bombardment around 14 ABY, which liquefied the ground and sunk the alchemical domes beneath solid rock. The only other known facility on the planet at the time was a small resupply base, once used by the Anari Alliance but abandoned before the Sith Empire invasion.

Sometime before 17 ABY, Darth Sirena constructed a base in and around a volcano near the buried Twilight Praxeum. Intent on salvaging the databanks kept safe by the alchemical domes, she excavated large portions of the base. Anari freedom fighters and the crew of the Sage's Destiny, led by Adam Sage and Iara Beorht, retook the planet. Casualties included several competent Sith, some soldiers, and a whole lot of battle droids.

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