First Battle of Ida


Third Battle of Ida

Second Battle of Ida

Durgasi Conflict


13 ABY




Minor Durgasi Victory


Durgasi Empire

Black Star Confederacy


Lord Admiral Kes'na'te

Commodore Justin Waystan

  • 1 Tempest-class Heavy Cruiser
  • 2 Revelation-class Light Cruisers
  • 3 Vengeance-class Frigates
  • 2 Firelance-class Ion Frigates
  • 4 Hammer-class Corvettes
  • 1 Matriarch-class Carrier
  • 96 Blade Starfighters
  • 72 Thunderbolt Attack Bombers
  • 80,000 Durgasi Clan Troopers
  • 400 War Walkers
  • 2 Skaadi-class Cruisers
  • 2 Repulse-class Frigates
  • 4 Overlord-class Corvettes
  • 36 Tyr Heavy Fighters
  • 96 Majestic Interceptors
  • 1 Eli-class Space Station
  • 275,000 soldiers of the Ida PDF
  • 7,550 tanks
  • 200 heavy artillery pieces
  • 1 Revelation-class Light Cruiser
  • 1 Vengeance-class Frigate
  • 2 Firelance-class Ion Frigates
  • 1 Hammer-class Corvette
  • 96 Blade Starfighters
  • 72 Thunderbolt Attack Bombers
  • ~25,000 Clan Troopers
  • 100 War Walkers

The Second Battle of Ida was initiated at the behest of Lord Admiral Kes'na'te of the Imperial Durgasi Starfleet. In an attempt to bring the Ida system under Durgasi rule, he assaulted the system.

The BattleEdit

The Second Battle of Ida was initiated by Lord Admiral Kes'na'te, in an attempt to retake the Ida system.

Though Kes'na'te lost a good portion of his fleet and his entire fighter force, he destroyed the majority of the Confederate defence fleet at Ida, and managed to force the rest of the Confederate defenders to abandon their ships.

The Confederate ground forces dug in around the two major cities Idari and Idril. Determined to make the Idarians suffer, Kes'na'te launched a ground assault, advancing on the two cities. Despite early losses, the Durgasi clan troopers forced their way through the lines of the defenders, and when the battle ended, they threatened Idari and Idril.

With the arrival of the 2nd Expeditionary Fleet, the battle became the Third Battle of Ida.


These are the primary characters whom participated in the battle.

Durgasi EmpireEdit

  • Lord Admiral Kes'na'te

Black Star ConfederacyEdit

  • Commodore Justin Waystan

Participating ThreadsEdit

Black Star Confederacy: A Call To Power

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