Battle of Millard


Battle of Svea

Second Battle of Millard

Grey Worlds Campaign


14 ABY


Millard System


Confederate Victory


Grey Worlds Alliance

Black Star Confederacy



Vice-Admiral Julius Marcus Deronin

  • 1 Shadow-class Cruiser
  • 1 Eclipse-class Carrier
  • 12 Void Dragon Corsairs
  • 86 Night Wing Fighters
  • 1 Shadow-class Cruiser
  • 1 Eclipse-class Carrier
  • 12 Void Dragon Corsairs
  • 86 Night Wing Fighters
  • 48 Tyr Heavy Space Fighters

The Second Battle of Millard began when a small task force of pirate ships assaulted the carrier Reaper and its escorts.

The BattleEdit

Though seriously outmatched, the pirate force managed to severely damage the Reaper and shoot down some 48 Tyr Heavy Space Fighters. Nevertheless, it was an empty gesture, as the pirates lost much more than the Confederacy did.

During one particularly selfless act, Wing Commander Bentum - commander of Blade Wing - rammed the bridge of the pirate cruiser, killing himself and the entire bridge crew of the enemy cruiser - including the task force commander.

In the immediate aftermath of the battle, Marines under the command of Vice-Admiral Deronin captured the pirate carrier, gaining valuable intelligence data.

After the battle, Wing Commander Bentum was posthumously awarded the Confederate Silver Star for his daring suicide run on the pirate cruiser.


These are the primary characters whom participated in the battle.

Grey Worlds AllianceEdit


Black Star ConfederacyEdit

Participating ThreadsEdit

Black Star Confederacy: The Legacy of Ke'rath

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