First Battle of Setvan


Battle of Balzac

Second Battle of Setvan

Durgasi Conflict


14 ABY




Confederate Victory


Durgasi Empire

Black Star Confederacy


Admiral Tel'ber'char

Admiral Da'el Kar

  • 1 Avatar-class Battle Cruiser
  • 96 Spectre Cloaked Fighters
  • 83 Spectre Cloaked Fighters

The Second Battle of Setvan was an attempt by the Durgasi Admiral Tel'ber'char to retake the vital Setvan system captured by the Confederacy a few weeks earlier.

While Tel'ber'char did not achieve this, he did manage to severely weaken the Confederate naval presence in the area, although at the loss of his entire force.

The BattleEdit

The battle at Setvan was initiated by Admiral Tel'ber'char, in an attempt to retake the Setvan system.

His task force, consisting of the Avatar-class battle cruiser Damnation Eternal and eight squadrons of Spectre cloaked fighters, assaulted the Confederate Blue Fleet, consisting of the Apocalypse-class command ship Baptism of Darkness, the Dread-class battleship Crusader, the Imperator-class carrier Inquisitor, the Skaadi-class cruiser Sword of Retribution, the Njord-class cruiser Kingmaker, and the Repulse-class frigate Impervious.

Surgical strikes conducted by the Spectre fighters disabled the Baptism of Darkness and the Crusader, and destroyed the majority of fighters carried aboard the Inquisitor.

Using the Damnation Eternal, Tel'ber'char then engaged the remaining Confederate vessels on the outskirts of the system, crippling the Sword of Retribution, destroying the Kingmaker, and forcing the Impervious to withdraw. A dogfight between the Spectre fighters and the remaining Confederate fighters resulted in the destruction of most of the Spectres.

Masterfully taking advantage of the immobility of the Baptism of Darkness and the Crusader, Tel'ber'char then engaged the Baptism of Darkness, preventing the Crusader from lending support.

However, a ploy from Admiral Kar brought the Dread within range, and the combined firepower of the Baptism of Darkness, the Crusader, the Impervious and the Inquisitor forced Tel'ber'char to surrender...


These are the primary characters whom participated in the battle.

Durgasi EmpireEdit

  • Admiral Tel'ber'char

Black Star ConfederacyEdit

Participating ThreadsEdit

Black Star Confederacy: A Golden Age (II)

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