Stationed at Mon Calamari and Kashyyyk the Second Sector Fleet is tasked with guarding the northern borders of the New Republic. Most of the fleet is at Mon Calamari acting as a defense force, the rest is either patroling or stationed above Kashyyyk.

The Second Sector fleet has gotten several replacements and after a restructuring the entire fleet is once again battle ready and on duty guarding the eastern border of the New Republic, close to many deadly enemies poised to strike.

Ship RosterEdit

First Battle GroupEdit

Second Battle GroupEdit


Lost at KashyyykEdit

  • MC90 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Faithful Warrior
  • 2 MC80b Star Cruisers
  • 1 MC80a Star Cruiser
  • 1 Victory-Class Star Destroyer Mark II
  • 1 Nebulon-B2 Frigate
  • 1 Assault Frigate
  • 12 B-Wing Fighters
  • 16 A-Wing Fighters
  • 28 Y-Wing Fighters
  • 115 X-Wing Fighters

Lost at Chil'a'ChinEdit

  • MC80b Diligent
  • RSD Liberator
  • Endurance Carrier Fearless
  • MC80a Merciful
  • Nebulon-B2 Frigate Impregnable
  • VSD MKII Avenger
  • 70% of fighter and bomber forces.


  • Rear Admiral Archolonus Tardun, The Protector
  • Commodore Teryl Reyyal, First Battle Group Liberty
  • Commodore Ulon Feskin, Second Battle GroupCrusader
  • Captain Karrin, Flight Commander Heroic


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