Shenbit Bonecrusher
General Information

Barab I







Physical Information
Average Length

2 Meters

Average Weight

198 Pounds

Abilities Information
Special Attributes
  • Armored Body
  • Crushing Jaws
Societal Information
Common Affiliations


A vicious, armored quadruped predator that can grow up to two meters long and weigh roughly 198 pounds (ninety kilograms), Shenbit Bonecrushers are one of the more famous animals of Barab I. In fact there is even a move in the Teräs Käsi martial art called "shenbit bonecrusher" which can be fatal if executed properly.

Although the reputation of the shenbit is well earned, and is often the favorite prey of offworlders to hunt, they are considered moderate prey by the Barabels. Shenbit, roughly translated from Barabel, means "weak person." However, even experienced Barabel hunters will admit that some of the larger shenbits are too much for most Barabels to handle up close. Only a few can boast having killed one without any weapons.

Shenbits are often said to save their deepest bite for last, prolonging their prey's suffering until the very end. The reason for this is unknown, but Barabels often mention this fact to warn individuals who try to outlast one in combat.

Shenbits on ExodusEdit

  • Both Rashrak and Skarrek have managed to kill a shenbit bonecrusher barehanded.

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