Sienar Intelligence Systems
Sienar Fleet Systems
General Information



Sienar Family


Raith Sienar

  • Lianna
  • Corulag
  • Ryloth
Economic Information
Parent Organization

Sienar Corporation

Product Line
  • TIE Series
  • Military Starships
  • Starship Components
Historical Information
Formed From

Republic Sienar Systems

Founding Date

c. 15,000 BBY


100 BBY

Other Information
Former Affiliation

Galactic Republic

Exodus Information
Lead Roleplayer


"A record of excellence."
— Sienar Fleet Systems Motto

Sienar Fleet Systems (SFS) is a major starship manufacturer and the most profitable division of the Sienar Corporation. Through their Sienar Design Systems subsidiary, SFS is also responsible for many drive and power systems.

Sienar Fleet Systems, along with Kuat Drive Yards, is one of the major suppliers of military vessels for the Galactic Empire: whereas KDY is famous for designing massive Star Destroyers, SFS is best-known as the supplier of the small, yet deadly TIE fighters. SFS has also created the massive I-a2b solar ionization reactor that powers the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and dictated the size and design of its mile-long hull: in effect, KDY built the Imperial-class around a huge Sienar drive system.


Originally known as Republic Sienar Systems, Sienar Fleet Systems was founded over 15 millennia before the Battle of Yavin by the wealthy Sienar family. Over the millennia, they produced designs such as the Sienar Battleship and the Interdictor-class cruiser. A century before the Battle of Yavin, the Sienars united with the Santhe family of Lianna, who owned Santhe Security, due to an arranged marriage. Although this gave the Santhe family something of the status of a ruling dynasty within the merged Santhe/Sienar, scions of the Sienar lineage retained operational control of the ship-design section of the conglomerate: father and son Narro Sienar and Raith Sienar served as successive CEOs for many years in the last decades of the Galactic Republic and under the Galactic Empire.

Under the covert patronage of Senator Palpatine, Raith Sienar established Sienar Design Systems and its Advanced Projects Laboratory, which were responsible for designing the starfighter prototypes that would develop into the T.I.E. starfighter and early TIE series designs. By 29 BBY, Raith Sienar had also produced the original Expeditionary Battle Planetoid design that later became the first Death Star.

Under the Empire's rule, SFS produced an immense variety of military spacecraft. Most were relatively small—starfighters, patrol ships and planetary defense pickets—but as well as the power systems for the Imperial-class design, Sienar also built the 600-meter Vindicator-class heavy cruiser to a design produced by Wilhuff Tarkin, and its Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruiser variant.


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