Spirit Absorption
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Developed by the Darksider known as Sivter, Spirit Absorption is a variation of the Spirit Transference technique that is sometimes used by Forcers, mostly Darksiders, after they die. In Spirit Transference, the spirit of the Forcer finds a new place or body to inhabit; with Spirit Absorption a spirit in the Force is unwillingly drawn into a Darksider who will then have access to the spirit’s lifetime of knowledge and power.

Sivter created the technique after first being exposed to the Spirit Transference ability and absorbing the thoughts and powers of an ancient Sith Lord known as Dragon Masque. With Masque’s knowledge of the Spirit Transference ability as a base, Sivter was able to create his own variation for the express purpose of gaining even more knowledge and power. The technique is based upon the principle that once Force spirits are without their bodies, they have become one with the Force and thus have no worldly anchor to keep them from being absorbed. Generally it is impossible to absorb a spirit that still has a body.

Although Spirit Absorption is a powerful technique, it comes with some drawbacks and can easily overwhelm inexperienced Darksiders. Once a spirit is absorbed, the Darksider has to successfully fight the will of the spirit before they can use its power and knowledge. If the spirit should win, it would gain control of the Darksider’s body instead. Drawing in too many spirits can create multiple personalities or schizophrenia if the user isn’t proficient in the mental realm.

This foreign power that is absorbed can also be exorcised if there is a Forcer who has sufficient power and knowledge to accomplish the task. Such a massive withdrawal from a successful exorcism can leave the Spirit Absorption user feeling drained and barely able to access their natural power until they recover.

The ancient Dark Lord Darius Malakai has been known to use this technique or a variation of it. He has absorbed almost countless personalities, and has shown the ability to mentally strip a spirit down, seperating the knowledge, wisdom and experience and the conscious will. This conscious will is then often exorcised or 'purged' into the 'in between'.

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