StarViper-class Assault Fighter
Production Information





Small Craft

Technical Specifications

21 meters

Maximum Acceleration

16 MGLT/s


111 MGLT

Atmospheric Speed
  • 1,200 kph (wings retracted)
  • 600 kph (wings extended)
Hyperdrive Rating

Class 2


50 SBD


35 RU

  • 2 Forward Twin Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 2 Forward Proton Torpedo Launchers


Cargo Capacity

1 Metric Ton


2 Months

Other Systems

S-foil Actuator

  • Assault
  • Space Superiority
Year Introduced

After 3 ABY (production version)


The StarViper-class Assault Fighter is one of the galaxy's most intricate craft. The original design was commissioned by Prince Xizor of Black Sun as the stock starfighter of the criminal empire, and as his personal mode of transport. While Virago, Prince Xizor's personal StarViper, undoubtedly had higher performance than the typical StarViper, even the stock model boasted incredible performance. When Prince Xizor commissioned MandalMotors, he asked for a unique craft, and price was not an issue.

The StarViper is capable of moving each segment of all four of its wings independently and initiating timed microthruster boosts. This gives the StarViper incredible maneuverability, even matching the nimble TIE Interceptor. It also equals the TIE Interceptor in speed, which is produced by the craft's large engines behind the fuselage. However, the StarViper comes equipped with deflector shields, a strong, reinforced hull, two proton torpedo launchers, a hyperdrive unit, and of course, four laser cannons. The unit is pricey, but deadly in the hands of any pilot.

The craft does have several downfalls, though. The large wings that give the ship its incredible maneuverability and even protect the pilot when folded behind the fuselage actually hinders the craft's speed when in atmosphere. The wings also provide a very large target when viewed from both the fore and aft. Finally, the ship's lack of ion cannons means that it will be a space superiority fighter and/or interceptor, but never a fully-fledged bomber. The Supa Fighter was produced after the StarViper in an attempt give Black Sun a more general and durable craft, however its performance is far below that of the StarViper.

New Mandalorian CrusadeEdit

Mandalore Cadden Blackthorne had a full squadron of StarVipers deployed to serve as an immediate defensive response to the rising Xen'Chi threat. These fighters proved to be an invaluable asset, as they proved to be quite effective in their duties, though they have yet to be fully tested in combat.


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