Starlight Sled
Starlight Sled
Production Information

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Product Line




Modified By
Technical Specifications
System Modifications
  • Improved Shields
  • Improved Armament
  • Improved Engines
  • Improved Cargo Capacity
  • Upgraded Hyperdrive Backup
  • Advanced Sensor Suite

29 meters


120 MGLT

Hyperdrive Rating

Class .50

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 3


280 SBD


60 RU

  • 2 Quad Laser Cannons
  • 1 Ion Cannon
  • 2 Warhead Launchers
  • 1 Pilot
  • 1 Astromech
Minimum Crew

1 Pilot



Cargo Capacity

120 Metric Tons


3 Months

  • Exploration
  • Smuggling
  • Charter

17 ABY

Present for Battles/Events

Battle of Corellia


Tav Garvin

Known Owners
Known Commanders

Tav Garvin

Known Crewmembers


Known Aliases

Tasty Snack

Exodus Information


"Although I escaped the explosion that took the Sled, I can think of worse ways to go than being blown to pieces with her."
— Tav Garvin

The Starlight Sled was originally supplied to Tav Garvin under the name Tasty Snack by Dorval the Hutt to explore Wild Space. Dorval's gamble was the idea that he could find new worlds to exploit and therefore rise in prominence among the Hutts. Tav was hired to lead the expedition and Dorval supplied a crew to man the Snack.

Things didn't quite go as planned however and Tav was forced to land the Snack on the planet Durden after a near collision in hyperspace. From there Tav and the crew had a series of harrowing adventures before finally making it back to charted space. However the Snack was in such bad shape by that time that Tav was able to simply buy the battered YT-2000 from Dorval at a discount (not to mention being indebted to do a few jobs for the Hutt on the side).

Tav and his faithful droid, Quex, spent all of their free time and money fixing up the Snack to turn it into a ship that would do any smuggler proud. They also renamed it the Starlight Sled so Tav wouldn't cringe every time he had to tell someone its name.

Tav and Quex kept the Sled in top condition even though it ran counter to the rough profession he had chosen. Tav’s philosophy behind it was that the Sled had saved his butt on countless occasions, taking punishment that would have been the death of any lesser ship. For that reason, he felt that the Sled deserved to have the very best of care.

Aside from the usual performance and armament improvements, Tav had expanded the Sled's cargo capacity by sacrificing some passenger room. He also installed a top of the line sensor suite so the Sled would have ample warning in case of trouble. Both of these modifications also helped immensely when Tav would take on a scouting or exploration job.

Although Tav tried to stay out of trouble, the Starlight Sled ended up being caught in a number of battles and skirmishes: most notably the Battle of Corellia. Every time, however, the Sled proved that, in Tav’s capable hands, it was one of the most dangerous and versatile ships in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the YT-2000’s luck finally ran out after Tav ran afoul of the Acta Sanctorum. In an attempt to kill him, one of their assassins planted a bomb aboard the vessel. Only Tav’s inexplicable Corellian luck saved him from being blown up with it.

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