Stranger Edit

- Not previously known; unfamiliar. Out of the ordinary; unusual or striking. Differing from the normal.
Not of one's own or a particular locality, environment, or kind; exotic.
Reserved in manner; distant. Not comfortable or at ease; constrained.

Where to start? Well, for beginners, Stranger was a name I created in June of 2003, yet I first signed onto SWE as an 'EliteRogueForce' in April of 2003. Stranger was my mindset, I was planning on hanging around, maybe do a little Rolelaying - boy has that changed tremendously. I am over 2,000 posts, avereging just over 2 posts a day. I have often thought of changing my handle to reflect a current mood and not a past mood - however, as I post more and become deeper in myself and the true me, I find that the deffinition of a Stranger, is me. SWE has been an off and on Internet dwelling place for me over the last couple of years, been through some very testy stuff, all of which has increased my confidence in what I believe.

What else, what else. A little about me personally, my name is Josh, I am younger than some might expect, though I have seen more in my years than some ever see in their lifetime. I have lived in 11 places in my years of existence, quite a feet, considering I've never lived in any place longer than 4 years.

I enjoy many things, I'll start with some real life things. I enjoy the American Civil War and earlier American history tons and tons. I'm very into politics and my religion, and if you wish to discuss any political stand point and/or religious view, you can hit me up and I'll give you my best idea on the subject(s).

Now, for computers...I think I'm somewhat computer literate, more or less in Computer Software than Computer Hardware. I'm a huge gamer, included is just about any Star Wars game you can name, all the Medal of Honor games, Call of Duty, and recently, City of Heroes.

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