Biographical Information


Date of Birth

30 BBY

Physical Description





1.9 Meters

Hair Color

Orange and White

Eye Color


Personal Information
Fighting Styles

Trianii Ranger Martial Arts

  • Trianii Ranger
  • JSI Security
  • Politician
Political Information
Position / Rank


Former Affiliation

Trianii Rangers

Current Affiliation

Sovereignty of Juoi

Exodus Information




"The will of Juoi's people is strong. I am both honored and humbled to have been chosen to lead them."
— Sulimurr

Sulimurr is the current leader of Juoi as well as one of its founders. Her effective leadership has helped Juoi grow from a small colony to a truly self-sufficient world. Although compassionate, Sulimurr can be brutal in punishing anybody that threatens Juoi or its people.

Her former training as a Trianii Ranger has given her ties to the Corporate Sector Authority. In her off-hours, Sulimurr continues to keep her combat skills honed for the rare occasions she is put into a combat situation.

She’s usually seen wearing ceremonial robes that match her orange and cream fur.


Trained early in her life as one of the feared Trianii Rangers, Sulimurr soon decided to travel abroad. It was during her travels that she met an Ishi Tib name Talrim Mirlak and soon grew to support him in his endeavor to set up a small colony which would later become known as Juoi.

After a nasty pirate attack on Juoi, Sulimurr was elected to become the security chief of the newly formed Juoi Security and Inquiry (JSI). She served well for over three decades before passing the torch to a Verpine named Xorpex.

She was then elected to replace Talrim, who had died of old age, to become the new Director of Juoi. Under Sulimurr's leadership, and thanks to her connections with the Corporate Sector Authority, Juoi acquired a Victory-class Star Destroyer and three Marauder Corvettes, complete with IRD's, for defense. She would also commission the construction of Mersi Station.

Throughout her administration, Sulimurr has been a steady presence through some of Juoi's most trying times, including two attacks by the Darksider, Sivter. Never once has she faltered when the tough decisions needed to be made.

Juoi continues to grow and prosper under her leadership and it's very likely she'll serve as Director until old age claims her as well.

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