TIE Bomber
Production Information

Sienar Fleet Systems

Product Line

TIE Series




Small Craft

  • 150,000 Credits (new)
  • 75,000 Credits (used)
Technical Specifications

7.8 meters

Maximum Acceleration

13 MGLT/s



Atmospheric Speed

850 kph


75 DPF

Engine Units

SFS P-s4 Twin Ion Engines

Power Plant

SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor




28 RU

Sensor Systems

SFS S-c3.4 Multi-Range TAG

Target Systems
  • SFS T-s7b Targeting Computer
  • Nordoxicon Bomb Sight
Navigation Systems

SFS N-s4 Navcon


SFS F-3.2 Flight Avionics System

  • 2 L-s1 Laser Cannons
  • 2 Concussion Missile Launchers
  • 1 Bomb Bay (Variable Load)

1 Pilot

Cargo Capacity

15 Metric Tons (bomb bay)


2 Days



Year Introduced

Before 0 BBY

"When the TIE bombers first started shelling Yavin 4, I thought the planet would crack right open. Those egg layers leveled the jungle."
— Tigran Jamiro

The TIE/sa Bomber, simply known as the TIE Bomber, is a larger, less maneuverable TIE starfighter used for destroying large starships and pinpoint-precision bombing. The "sa" in the TIE bomber's designation stands for "surface assault." Due to their distinctive dual-hull shape, TIE Bombers have came to be referred to as "dupes" by enemy pilots.

The TIE bomber has two hulls next to each other; one carries the pilot and the other carries a pair of general purpose warhead launchers, enabling them to carry a variety of weapons tailored for the mission. The bomber is much more heavily built-up than the "fighter"-series of TIE's; it carries more sophisticated sensors to penetrate capital ship jamming and SFS P-s4 twin ion engines powered by a SFS I-a2b solar ionization reactor to allow a full payload to be carried at a reasonable speed.

The TIE bomber is capable of carrying one of the following payloads: sixteen concussion missiles, twelve proton torpedoes, eight heavy rockets, six orbital mines, four proton bombs, sixty-four thermal detonators, or thousands of propaganda pamphlets. Its fixed armament is two wing-mounted laser cannons.

The bomber is agile enough to deliver devastating strikes with surgical precision; as shown by a mission when a group of these craft destroyed a Rebel-occupied tower in the middle of a crowded city while leaving the surroundings untouched.

Nonetheless, the bomber is slower and less maneuverable than the original TIE/ln starfighter. Like most mass-produced TIEs, it lacks shields, though it does partly compensate by having a stronger hull. Standard Imperial doctrine requires that bombers be escorted to their target by other starfighters.

While not expected to engage enemy fighters in dogfights due to their slower speed and agility, TIE Bombers can target them from a standoff distance with their large magazines of concussion missiles. Thanks to their durability, however, they can be used in a space superiority role if resources are low.


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