Tahira Skyel
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10 BBY

Date of Death

17 ABY

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1.67 meters

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Single-bladed lightsaber

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Jedi Knight


Jedi Guardian

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"The Force fights with me!"
— Tahira, during the Xen'Chi attack on Taylon


Tahira Skyel was born to a family of farmers, roughly nine years after the end of the Clone Wars. She was identified by a passing through Jedi Knight and taken in for training. Over the next several years, she honed her skills in the Force and with the blade. Her master taught her the traditions of the Jedi, and when it came time to build her own lightsaber, she chose a green blade, to reflect her status as a guardian.

Her master was a master of Ataru and Djem-So, and so those were the two forms that Tahira grew to learn. She became a formidable warrior, highly intelligent with impressive fighting skills, but as time went on she became more impulsive, and began to develop a sense of mischief.

When the Xen'Chi attacked the City of the Jedi, Tahira was amongst the many Jedi Knights who was stationed on-world to protect the planet, following the unsuccessful assault conducted by the Cylon Imperium earler. She was amongst the few that came out of the battle alive, if not tattered and beaten.

Tahira would later participate in the Hunt for Sion, being one of the few to come back alive, and afterwards followed Guan Blackthorne and Trec Thul in the Battle of Chil'a'Chin.

Shortly after the battle, Tahira returned with the rest of the task for to aid in recovery efforts. She met her end, however, during Darth Trayus's attack on Taylon, when she faced off with Alexis Kiara in combat. Despite the aid from Reina Krailles and Rayatryn Jeib, Tahira proved no match for the dark woman, and was slain, shortly before Rayatryn met his own end.

Her death would later move Reina to restructure her style of lightsaber combat, in hopes of defeating Alexis at a later time.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tahira was a formidable lightsaber combatant, having mastered Ataru, and developed some skill in Djem-So. Her Force powers were to the extent of aiding her in battle, such as Force Speed and Push. Though she also held a degree of offensive and defensive capabilities, she would typically call upon her lightsaber first and foremost.

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