Darth Paxis (Talia Sadow)
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2 Lightsabers

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Darth Terris

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Curve-Hilted Singlebladed

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Queen of Blades

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Jedi TrainingEdit

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Fall to the Dark SideEdit

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The Coming of Lord TerrisEdit

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Personality & TraitsEdit

"She is a fencer. Leverage, position, advantage—they are as natural to her as breathing. Beware her skills with a blade."
Cazzik Wyn to Kira Locke

Talia Sadow was an accomplished philosopher, orator, politician, and warrior, regarded as a very great Jedi for her strength of character and her strength in the Force. Even as a youngling, Sadow felt driven to succeed. She was fully devoted to the ideals of the Jedi Order and the ideal of service to the galaxy. She sought to become a great Jedi Master, and did not even consider the possibility of a life outside the Order, though she knew of her heritage as a Princess of Pravus. Sadow held very high expectations of government as a Jedi, and was perceived by her peers as a political idealist. She became increasingly disillusioned with the Republic in the period before her defection from the Jedi Order, and eventually held the opinion that the Jedi betrayed themselves by serving the politicians. By the time of the Shadow War, Sadow believed that the sorrow and injustice of the galaxy could only be responded to with anger and hate. She came to believe that the Jedi Order should embrace the dark side and rule the galaxy alone without the interference of the senate. As Paxis, she plans to transform the Jedi into a Sith Army, and intends to forcibly recruit Force-users into its ranks. While often assuming a genteel and civilized manner, Sadow has no qualms about torturing or ordering the deaths of hundreds of her former comrades, nor about committing any number of atrocities as leader of the Imperium.

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Lightsaber CombatEdit

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