The Job
Date Late 18 ACI
Place Parral, Mexico
Outcome Assassination of a Mexican State Senator
Liam Turner is kicked out of Hellfire Club
Hydra and Hellfire Club's drug trade routes into the United States are secure
Affiliations Involved Hellfire Club
Hydra (Secret)
Mexican Government
Participants Fiona Murdoch
Liam Turner


Fiona Murdoch was given instructions that she had to head to Parral, Mexico, in order to link up with Liam Turner to do a job. This job came from the Hellfire Club. While she flew in from the Mediterranean, Liam drove on his motorcycle, coming across the US-Mexican border. The two met up and introduced themselves to each other. From there they went on recon, to get information about their target, a local state senator. This senator had been causing problems, for Hydra and for the Hellfire Club. The two organizations had negotiated a way for drugs, manufactured in Brazil, would be transported up into the United States. However, the local senator had been working to put up restrictions and strengthen the task force that would go after the drug cartels.

With their recon completed, the two decided to discuss their plan to figure out what they would do. They had originally talked about potentially kidnapping the senator’s family, and Liam had expressed a problem with the idea of hurting the senator’s family, particularly his children. He explained that this stemmed from an earlier job when he had been forced to hurt children, and had refused. Fiona expressed a sense of admiration for this. The duo followed the senator when he went on a weekly trip to a particular restaurant.

Liam set up a sniper position, while Fiona went into the building, taking out his security. She sat down to lunch with the family, and threatened the senator, telling him that if he didn’t change his vote, that he and his family would be hurt. To prove her point, Liam shot a wine glass that was on the table, perfectly on cue.

Their plan had worked.

The two of them celebrated that night. After excessive drinking, the two started flirting with each other and Fiona dared him to make love to her. When she left the bar, angry at being turned down, he followed her. Surprising him, she started kissing him and he gave in. While they were in the throes, Fiona attacked him with a sedative and muscle inhibitor that was also a debilitating poison. Then she told him that she had been given a secondary job: Gain Liam’s trust and attack him, framing him for what she was about to do, murder the senator.

She also told him that he had become the fall guy because he had refused to hurt children in a previous mission. Telling him that it was only just a job, Fiona left him in an alley, and went and murdered the senator, leaving evidence that it had been Liam.