The Third Battle Fleet was re-organized when the Confederate High Command acknowledged the threat posed by the Xen'Chi.

The fleet was reduced from 15 to 2 ships, the remainder of its vessels going to the Confederate Defence Fleet or CDF. Shortly after, the fleet received four more ships, the Agressor, Battler, Wanton Destruction, and Heathen Promise. Recently, the Broken Circle and Silver Coil fleets have been integrated into the Third Battle Fleet in anticipation for the upcoming campaign, adding six Strike Cruisers to the mix.

Charged with defending the western and southern borders, the decision of the Starfighter Corps to standardize the A-9 Vigilance Interceptor has resulted in most of the test-bed fighters being replaced by this type of fighter...

Current Fleet CompositionEdit

Capital ShipsEdit


Notable SquadronsEdit

  • First Guard Squadron (Emancipator)
  • Grey Sharks Squadron (Corrupter)
  • Red Dragons Squadron (Corrupter)


Command StaffEdit

  • First Admiral Da'el Kar (Emancipator)
  • Vice Admiral Linda Evans (Corrupter)
  • General Baen Talal (Assassin)
  • Captain Siminn Drear (Corrupter)
  • Captain Hella Bale (Chimaera)
  • Captain Nor'ten'var (Wanton Destruction)
  • Captain Dorset Winder (Heathen Promise)
  • Captain Keith Acke (Darkmoon)
  • Captain Staci Keelan (Darkness)
  • Captain Corin Mir (Darkstar)
  • Captain Katie Nelson (Eclipse)
  • Captain Zelia Anson (Eerie)


  • Major Lupe Anor (Emancipator)

Fighter CorpsEdit

  • Flight Lieutenant Alina-Kharas (Red Dragons Squadron)

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

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