Treaty of Ancathra

Pan-Tau-Ra Crisis


18 ABY


Ancathra Prime


Kartanin Dominion
Leeran Alliance

The Treaty of Ancathra was formulated in the aftermath of the Pan-Tau-Ra Crisis, under der guidance of Jedi Knight Rianni Siva. The treaty guarantees Ancathras neutrality from foreign power blocks and established it as a diplomatic centre within Ardustaar, free from the direct control of interstellar governments. Thus, official channels in case of dispute between the Leeran Alliance and the Kartanin Dominion have been established, and representatives of either government meet regularily on Ancathra, greatly lessening various tensions.

The treaty also established a provisional border, with a large contested zone to be resolved at later dates in between. Said contested zone and the various Xen'Chi survivors within leeran space are the primary two subjects of discussion, right now.

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