Sith hound
Tuk'ata Hound
General Information




  • Forcivore
  • Carnivore


Average Lifespan

Near Immortal

Physical Information
Average Height

1.5 - 2 Meters

Fur Colors


Abilities Information
Force Sensitive


Special Attributes
  • Three Rows of Teeth
  • Poison Stingers
Societal Information
Common Affiliations
Famous Exodus Members


"Gigantic creatures. Triple rows of teeth, six inch claws, and three horns. They can move on four legs or two, and have two winglike extensions--not functional wings, but poisonous stingers. Very fast."
— Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Force-sensitive Tuk'ata Hounds, otherwise known as Sith Hounds or simply Tuk'ata, are best known for guarding the tombs of the Dark Lords of the Sith on Korriban for thousands of years before its destruction by the third Death Star.

They are fearless sentinels and will kill anything that dares to intrude upon their domain. Since tuk'ata are often sealed inside of tombs, it is believed that they draw nourishment from the Force itself, supplementing this by feeding on small vermin or other creatures that infest the structures.

The pair of thin, insectile, arms sprouting from atop their shoulders are generally considered to be vestigial wings and are tipped with poisonous stingers. The poison acts on contact, numbing any flesh it touches. When injected into a being's body, the poison shuts down muscles and other vital systems, including the heart and lungs, leading to a swift and painful death.

The tuk'ata are at least semi-sentient and can speak the Sith language. Smaller groups of them can still be found on other planets with a strong link to the Dark Side.

Tuk'atas on ExodusEdit

  • Taral, a fully sentient tuk'ata, was charged with overseeing the Schrai in the absence of his Sith masters. He would later pledge his loyalty to Sivter after the Defel took control of the Schrai.
  • Darth Kabal secretly released a tuk'ata and ordered his apprentice, Tamesis, to kill it as a training exercise. Tamesis captured it instead.
  • Kishkumen, of the Cult of Shadow, sent a group of these creatures to attack Lyn-Char Beorht.


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