General Information

Humanoid Reptavian



Physical Information
Average Height

1 Meter

Skin Colors
  • Gray
  • Dark Green
Abilities Information
Force Sensitivity


Special Attributes


Societal Information
Common Affiliations


Exodus Information


The Turques are a small reptavian race from the planet Durden. They are humanoid, but also have a pair of wings on their back that enable them to fly. Turques are about half the size of an average human.

On Durden, Turques were known to build modest sized cities and developed technology that was on par with medieval-level advancement.

The Turques worshiped the aliens known as Sages and were their most loyal followers. Many Sages preferred Turques to be their chosen avatars. When another race known as the Venix brought war against the Sages, the Turques defended the Sages until the bitter end.

Two Turques, avatars to the Sages known as Relic and Nasha, were brought from Durden to Juoi and have slowly started to build a small colony on the continent of Pek Kular. They still retain a close relationship with the Sages there.

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