Udine System
Region Inner Rim
Sector Unknown
System Udine System
Suns Unknown
Moons None
Points of Interest Blackthorne Enterprises (retired), Blackthorne Outpost (secret)

Udine is an uninhabited system in the vicinity of Keller's Void, known for the Udine asteroids.

During the height of the New Republic, Cadden Blackthorne set up a base in the Udine system, under the watchful eye of the Wild Star Confederacy, as the new location for Blackthorne Enterprises. He began to work under the tables with the Loris Empire to devise a way of liberating the system from Wild Star control. It had worked, had a mishap not occurred that almost greatly compromised the situation.

At the same time, Cadden unearthed his Mandalorian heritage in the sector, in a well-hidden, highly secretive asteroid-based compound deep inside Udine's vast asteroid field.

Wild Star, now suspicious of Cadden's true motived, tightened their grip on the system. In response, instead of fighting for control, as originally planned, Cadden merely packed up, and sold any of the assets that Wild Star did not own over to the government.

Later, Cadden would return to Udine to unlock the past of the Blackthornes, and unearth his true heritage, and legacy, in the very same asteroid compound. Later, Cadden would return one last time, to take a prototype ship from the hangar of the hidden asteroid outpost, and destroy all remaining evidence of other Blackthorne Enterprises operations in the asteroids, after retrieving all available data from these facilities for his own analysis.

However, it would not be the last time he would return to the system. The following visit, Blackthorne returned to Udine to build an army to combat the Cult of Shadow with. However, during this time, he fell to the Dark Side. Utilizing what few resources were available to him, he staged a war against the Shadow Imperium and their Sith allies, using Udine as the the base of operations for the attack.

System information courtesy of Wookieepedia.

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