General Information






Physical Information
Average Height

62 Meters

Skin Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Force Sensitivity

Above Average

Special Attributes
  • Flight
  • Regeneration
  • Immune to Mind Control
  • Adaptable Body
Societal Information
Common Affiliations


Exodus Information


By far one of the most dangerous races in the galaxy, the Venix are thankfully so far confined to their home planet of Durden. They are extremely aggressive and can adapt their bodies to respond to all kinds of threats and situations.

Venix grow to truly monstrous sizes. Smaller members dwarf light freighters in scale and the largest ones can swallow a starship of that size with one bite. Their skin is nearly black in color and they sport two sets of massive arms, all of which end in taloned claws. Their head is vaguely box-like with six glowing blue eyes inset into the skull. Their overall body type is hunched like a rancor.

The Venix have also displayed an ability to change their body structure, such as growing wings or gaining an immunity to Sage control. They also have impressive regenerative abilities and an uncanny ability to detect Sage avatars.

Although large, the Venix can be briefly stunned by small arms fire. However it takes starship-grade weapons to effectively kill them.

Their culture is highly developed and centers around physical power. They maintain control by allowing the larger Venix to lead the smaller ones, and by displaying their power through great tournaments. Hundreds of Venix warriors are released into an area and simply fight each other until one or the other is killed. These battles last for days at a time until only one is left standing and the area and all its prior inhabitants are decimated.


Like the other races of Durden, the Venix initially believed the Sages to be gods and worshipped them appropriately. In fact it was the Sages that curbed much of the aggressive behavior of the Venix and allowed them to live peacefully with the other races of Durden.

However, the Venix eventually grew immune to the influence of the Sages and rebelled against their former gods. They spread deception throughout Durden as they called the Sages mind-controlling monsters, inferring that under Venix control Durden would be free of such slavery.

Form that point on, the Sages fought a losing war with the Venix and would have been wiped out completely if not for the arrival of Tav Garvin. Tav managed to save two Sages, Relic and Nasha, but the rest were killed as the Venix destroyed the Sages' home and stronghold: Mount Durden.

The Venix are now firmly in control of the planet and have subjugated the other races.

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