Walter Sames
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

28 BBY

Date of Death

13 ABY

Physical Description






Hair Color

Black (graying)

Eye Color


Personal Information

Starfighter Pilot


TIE Defender

Political Information
Position / Rank

Wing Commander

Former Affiliation

Galactic Empire

Exodus Information




Walter Sames (28 BBY - 13 ABY) is best known for his formation and command over the legendary Imperial Ghost Squadron. As years passed the squadron became known as the second best in the order after Baron Fel's 181st.

Attatched to the Imperial Star Destroyer Vengeance, and then the Super Class Star Destroyer Cleansing, Ghost Squadron participated in every major battle the Empire engaged in including Hoth, Bilbringi, Coruscant, and Corellia.

Sames joined the Order at the height of the Empire, about 10 years before Yavin. He started in the same squadron as his best friend James but remained in the fighter corps after James Ardin left for starship command. Daring in his younger years he lead many squadrons under dangerous conditions to improbable victories.

After James was given his command at the end of Palpatine's reign as Captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Vengeance he chose Walter to lead Ghost Squadron under him. It renewed a relationship that would shape the Empire for years. As Regent, other than Kyle Marion, Walter was James' confindant and often his opinions played a big role in Imperial policy decisions.

He would later stop Red Viper, now known as Delth Ardin, from continuing his killing spree on the Cleansing after James' death. Later during Damascus' reign he helped Byron Chamberlain organize a resistance movement. His last mission was to escort Delth Ardin's strike team to assassinate Damascus on Coruscant. His flight of TIE Defenders managed to get Delth on the ground, but Sames was killed by Delth (manipulated by one of the Emperor's mind tricks) in a confrontation with the Emperor shortly thereafter.

Before departing he gave command of Ghost Squadron to Vasax Loraq. Walter Sames died in the Imperial Center at the age of 42.

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