Biographical Information

Roche Asteroid Belt

Date of Birth

32 BBY

Physical Description





1.9 Meters

Eye Color


Personal Information


Political Information
Position / Rank


Current Affiliation

Sovereignty of Juoi

Exodus Information



Yes (limited)

"There is nothing about Juoi that escapes my notice."
— Xorpex

Xorpex is the chief of Juoi Security & Inquiry, otherwise known as the JSI, which serves as Juoi's police and armed forces. It is largely thanks to Xorpex's leadership and unique skills that the JSI has become so effective in protecting Juoi's citizens.

In order to keep a close eye on his beloved planet, Xorpex has setup a top secret system of devices across Juoi that are attuned to Verpine communication wavelengths which continuously feed him data about what is going on. Since the Verpine brain is accustomed to dealing with numerous sources of input, Xorpex has no problem handling all of the raw data.

From the JSI’s headquarters, Xorpex can effectively dispatch his forces to any point on the planet and it’s not uncommon for the JSI to already be on the scene before someone can call in a crime.

Always ready for trouble, Xorpex has had his exoskeleton alchemically treated to make it more resistant to damage.


Considered a bit of an odd Verpine ever since he was hatched, Xorpex took the first opportunity he could to leave the Roche Asteroid Belt and explore the galaxy on his own. Unlike many of his race, Xorpex relished keeping his thoughts to himself instead of sharing them with the hive mind.

He bummed around the galaxy for several years, picking up skills that suited his unique physiology, before winding up on Juoi. There he quickly grew to enjoy the planet’s diverse mix of species from across the stars. Not long after becoming a citizen, he joined up with the JSI to help protect the planet.

The security chief at the time, a Trianii named Sulimurr, recognized Xorpex’s potential and taught him everything she knew. When Sulimurr was eventually elected to become Juoi’s new Director, Xorpex was hand-picked by her to become the new chief of the JSI.

After settling into his new duties, Xorpex made the position his own and streamlined procedures to make the JSI as effective as possible. He would later begin a program of installing communication devices that would keep him informed of everything that was going on in Juoi. Only Juoi’s top people were made aware of the devices to keep Xorpex’s constant surveillance effective.

After the Battle of Juoi, Xorpex created an elite team of operatives that were tasked with handling matters that the regular JSI forces weren’t equipped to take care of. In short order, Xorpex’s new team would prove their worth.

To this day, Xorpex continues to watch over Juoi, knowing that the planet is a tempting jewel for many in the underworld thanks to Juoi’s nearness to Hutt Space.

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