Z-95-SAF2 Headhunter
Production Information
Product Line

SL line




Star Fighter

Technical Specifications

12 meters

Maximum Acceleration

20 MGLT/s


118 MGLT

Atmospheric Speed

1,500 km/h


90 DPF

Hyperdrive Rating

class 1


40 SBD


20 RU

  • 2 Twin Blaster Cannons
  • 2 Wing mounted hard points
  • 2 Concusion Missile launcher (3 missiles each)

1 Pilot

Cargo Capacity

65 kg


1 day

  • Space Superiority
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close Air Support
Year Introduced

18 ABY

Exodus Information

Red Dragon

The Z-95 Starlight Providence 2 "Headhunter" (Z-95-SL-P2 Headhunter), also known as the Z-95 Starlight Assault Fighter 2 "Headhunter" (Z-95-SAF2 Headhunter) is a Refined, Production version of the modification kit Z-95-AF4-P1 Headhunter. The P2 is slightly modified and even has some improvements over the P1. The P2 can also be produced faster and cost less then having to buy an existing Z-95-AF4, and modify it to the P1. The P2 is also structurally more durable then the P1 due to newer materials and construction techniques.

This is the newest Z-95 star fighter to be put into production legally with Incom since the co-op production of the AF4 with Subpro.

Armaments and AbilitiesEdit

Weapon SystemsEdit

While the P1 emphasized fire power over all else, the P2 goes for more performance and defense. That is not to say that the P2 still isn't heavily armed. Two Twin Blaster Cannons (TBCs) replace the four Rapid-fire Blaster Cannons (RBCs), thought the TBCs don't pack the punch the RBCs had but they retain the rate of fire and are still a effective weapon during dog fights.

The wing mounted hard points allow for any number of options. They can mount six extra missiles for anti fighter or anti light capital ship operations. Four heavy rockets for anti capital ship operations. They can also carry 6 bombs fore ground support. There also options for extended flight or slug firing type weapons as well.

The versatility of the pay load on these fighters is only matched by the BTL-S8 K-wing assault star fighter (which aren't available to the general public). No matter what position the wings are in, the hard points will always point forward. This is done with a simple swivel that is tied in with the swing-wing system.


The reintroduced swing-wing is further enhanced, with flaps and ailerons, allowing for improved maneuvering in both atmosphere and in space as a rudimentary AMBAC system.

The engines are a complete redesign and built from the ground up, based off of the modified ones used on the P1. The thrust vectoring has been refined to aid in the P2's maneuvering, tied in with the wing's AMBAC system. All of this adds up, giving the P2 comparable speeds and maneuvering to the Tie Interceptor.